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Asphalt Calculator

Given the length and width (in feet), and thickness (in inches) of a rectangular area to pave, Asphalt Calculator calculates square yards and estimated tons of hot mix required for the job, based on a standard of 150 lbs./ cubic foot, but densities of hot mix may vary. Enter cost per ton for an estimated cost of job.


Access your Google Checkout merchant account from your Android device. Generate simple sales reports (works best for ranges of 1 day - 1 week).

Concrete Calculator

This handy utility lets you calculate the required number of cubic yards for a slab. Just enter the length, width, and thickness and hit CALCULATE. Also includes a field for entering the cost per cubic yard to calculate the cost of the job.


This app generates 7 different sounds, 5 seconds long, in the range that dogs can hear but humans normally can't. Use this virtual dog whistle for training or fun.


Dominoes comes to Android! This version is known as Straight Dominoes, Fives Up, All Fives, or Muggins. Take turns against the computer opponent. Score when the ends add up to a multiple of 5. Play to a score of 250. Classic fun for all ages!


This handy app for construction professionals helps you determine the square footage and estimate the number of drywall panels needed for your project.

Dunkin Donuts Finder

Looking for a Dunkin' Donuts near you? This handy app will attempt to find the 4 nearest Dunkin' Donuts locations, displaying donut icons for their locations. Just click on the donut to get the address and distance from your current location. Search results may vary.


Foot and inches calculator for anyone who needs to perform calculations in these units. FeetCalc performs addition, subtraction,and multiplication while displaying a running record of previous operations. Also handles fractions down to 1/16.


A handy tool for firefighters! Calculate friction loss based on hose diameter, hose length, gallons per minute, and optionally, number of appliances (approximated at 5psi/appliance).

Golf Solitaire

The classic golf solitaire card game with a fun golf theme! Includes golf-related graphics and sound effects. Play 1 or all of 18 holes, each with a unique card layout.

Golf Solitaire Free

Classic golf solitaire with a fun golf theme. This version features 9 holes and is ad supported (permissions are for displaying ads).


Great tool for paramedics and nurses. Just enter the dosage ordered (mcg/kg/min), drug on hand (mg or mcg), fluid volume (ml), drop factor, and patient's weight (in either kg or lbs) and InfusionCalc calculates the gtts/min or ml/hr.


Enjoy classic 80's arcade action on Android. If you were a fan of Centipede, check out Kilopod. Use your trackball or dpad to dodge and shoot insect enemies, including the kilopod, spider, and flea.


This useful tool for medical professionals calculates the body surface area (bsa) given the patient's weight (kg or lb) and height (cm or in) and converts an adult dose in mg to the estimated child dose.


Stores information about your dog, cat, or other pet. Make a gallery from pictures on your phone. Store veterinary information, including medications and vaccinations. Store groomer information and track appointments. Jot down notes and export profiles via email.


A fun, simple word game. Each round you get 10 tiles. Make the best word you can, earn points, and level up. How high can you go?

Puzzle Lords

An RPG-Puzzle hybrid. Create a character from one of four races, quest and battle enemies in a fun puzzle-based combat system.


The classic card game comes to Android! Partner with a computer player against two computer players.

Spades Free

The classic card game comes to Android! Partner with a computer player against two computer players. This version has ads.